Established in 1960 as a producer of ready-to-wear leather and accessories, Bigardini is nowadays the leader in its sector.

 In line with the quality services it has provided over the years, Bigardini has guaranteed its distinguished position in the luxury fashion industry.

While aiming to reflect the current trends of the world with our unique collections, we also create special designs for new avant-garde regions. We offer exceptional product quality, prime sales locations, and authentic pricing, ensuring all of our products meet such significant and highly valued requirements.

 As a global brand, we strive to capture the attention of our customers with our concentration on luxury items and tailor-made product presentation. One of our most important features to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level is the after-sales service we provide.

Over the years, we have managed to create a strong clientele by offering a wide selection of products. We believe it is important to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with our customers. Therefore, our aim is to ensure continuity.

To sustain these valuable relationships, we always make sure that we understand our customers’ needs and continuously keep up with current trends. 

Where does Bigardini come from?


Good quality leather products last a lifetime. Therefore, it is a vital step to choose long-lasting leather. Leather is a favored material that can be used in outerwear as well as accessories. Leather is preferred for outerwear because of its enduring texture which keeps users warm whereas it is preferred in the use of accessorizing due to its flexibility and durability.


All our products are designed by our detail-oriented and fashion-conscious team. Following the design step of the products, Bigardini leathers are cut in accordance with the mold. 


Sewing needs determination! While sewing, our team examines the design and mold carefully. Bigardini products become ready to use after their final checks.