Logan Unisex Shearling Aviator Winter Hat - Black

159 €


Logan Aviator Winter Hat is crafted from Spanish Merino shearling sheepskin to handle even the coldest winds like a pro. The finished suede exterior provides additional protection for rain and snow, while the plushy natural shearling fur keeps you warm and cozy even under extreme weatherconditions. With its stylish flip-up fur on the front and adjustable earflaps, this hat offers flexibility and functionality under any circumstances. You can wrap it under your chin for extra protection for your neckline on windy days or snap them on the back of the hat when you need.


  •       Spanish Merino Shearling Sheepskin
  •       Windproof natural Material
  •       Adjustable flaps with leather straps
  •       Earflaps can be used up or down
  •       Standart size

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